Feeding Families

SINCE november 2009

NOVEMBER 17th 2018 Destin United Methodist Church


What is 'The Crop Drop'?

Feeding Families for tEN Years

Over the past 10 years, Crop Drop volunteers have sorted, bagged and distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds of unsold produce to feed families in need.
Each November, volunteers  parse more than 80,000 pounds of produce into family-size bags that are then loaded into the backs of agency vehicles to be transported to food pantries, homeless shelters, and church dispensaries across the panhandle.
More than 50 agencies from across Walton, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa counties collect and distribute bagged produce from Crop Drop  that feeds an estimated 6,000 families (24,000 individuals) each and every year.



We'll bring corn, you bring cans!

We're asking volunteers to Bring canned goods

This year, we've decided to collect canned goods for Destin Harvest House! We would love for volunteers to bring at least three (3) cans with them to this year's event!



Register for this year's event

November 17th @ DUMC


We need a team of at least 100 volunteers to start early this year, sort some items and then caravan over to Panama City to bring HOPE to our neighbors. We plan to deliver several trucks worth of food and supplies and clear debris most of the day.

General details:

  • Start at 7AM at Crop Drop in Destin to sort produce and goods.
  • Plan to caravan over approximately 9AM (pickup trucks and trailers needed).
  • Bring yard tools, work gloves, ladders, etc. Dress for work.
  • Team leaders will lead small groups directly into neighborhoods to clear debris and deliver items.
  • Plan for a full day, but you will be able to leave on your own anytime.
  • Not necessarily suitable for young children.
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Bring Your Wheelbarrow!

Help Our Collectors Keep Up With Our Baggers.

In years past, we've struggled to transport the thousands of bags of produce our volunteers pick from their pallets to the agencies set to collect them in a timely manner. Would you help us rectify that by lending us your wheelbarrow for the day?

Just bring yours with you when you come, and take it home when you leave.



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